Residential Window Cleaning

Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. have been cleaning windows for Residential and Domestic clients in Bend for many years and have gained the respect and notability as Bend’s most reliable and trustworthy residential window cleaning services.  The quality residential window cleaning service that we provide is completely unparalleled and we strongly believe that none of our competitors can consistently provide the level of customer service that we offer as standard.

For our regular cycle residential clients we provide a “by appointment only” service and will always call to arrange a convenient time to come as opposed to turning up unannounced like an awful lot of other window cleaners have a reputation for doing so.
We strive to be on the cutting edge of safe practices and industry standards. Proper window cleaning tools should always be used in conjunction with the proper training. Scratched glass issues can avoided by hiring a residential window cleaning company that has trained individuals that know how to educate the customer before the problem occurs.

residential cleaningWe provide an interlinking range of first class cleaning services to business premises & domestic houses. We are a local company, with strong ties to the city. We are a professional team of cleaners using the latest methods & machinery to clean to a high standard. We clean the windows on public houses, shops,  and whole blocks of flats. We undertake the cleaning of common parts. Our equipment is excellent for cleaning conservatories safely & without causing damage. We have the knowledge & expertise to clean, renovate and seal drives, patios & roofs. Our flat management services include cleaning, grounds maintenance & removal.We are the local choice for your
exterior cleaning & maintenance.

We also clean windows on apartment blocks. Unfortunately due to insurance we can only clean whole blocks and not individual dwellings. As professional window cleaners, we understand the importance of our work for your business; you only get one chance to make a first impression, and image counts. The exterior of your business may be the first face-to-face contact that your potential clients have with your business.