Construction Clean Up

Hard cleaning on soft surfaces. This sounds like a contradiction in terms but that’s what it takes to be efficient and successful at construction cleanup. Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. can help you make sure your beautiful surfaces aren’t damaged in the post construction cleanup process. This is no easy task but it is one of our specialties.

construction cleanupWith years of practical experience working on exterior building surfaces, Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. essentially provide you with a team of chemical, safety, engineering and rigging experts to ascertain the best way to remove the nastiest of construction materials from your most delicate building surfaces. Such materials that if not removed properly will certainly damage your newly prized investment. Don’t be caught hiring the street corner “cleaner guy” to save a buck, when truthfully, you are risking your multi-thousand or million dollar investment. We’ve seen it time and time again where a brand new beautiful building has costly damage due to an untrained contractor. Don’t let it happen to you. Let Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. give you an honest estimate before you decide to use just anybody. Then evaluate the cost vs. benefit so you can make the most informed and balanced decisions for your valued assets.

Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. offers an extensive line of construction cleaning services in Bend. Below, you will find a general list of the specifications we use for rough cleans. Respectively, every project is different and we accommodate the needs of our client accordingly. If the builder requests a rough clean, it shall include but not be limited to the following.

  • Remove any and all trash, dirt, and debris from the interior of the unit and dispose of as directed by the Contractor’s dumpster.
  • Clean all tubs, toilets, lavatories, kitchen sinks and appliances.
  • Remove any and all temporary protection and labels not required to remain.
  • Clean out all kitchen cabinets and vanity cabinets. Clean all kitchen counter tops and vanity tops.
  • Scrape and wash the inside and outside surfaces of all windows and sliding glass doors. Do not scrape windows or scratch frames.
  • Clean all windows and sliding glass door frames, sills, and tracks.
  • Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.
  • Clean all water heaters.
  • Clean water valve box (washing machine/dryer area).