Learn What Services Your Residential or Commercial Cleaner Can Provide When You Book a Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. has many clients who call us for the first time to ask what a normal cleaning checklist includes, as they have never booked home, office, or construction cleaning before. This is why in today’s blog post we have decided to draw some attention to this topic and clarify it for all our current and future customers around Old Bend OR. Continue reading

Here is How We Can Help You Work in a Clean and Safe Environment

If you and your employees work long hours at your place of business and you don’t want to bother yourself or your employees with cleaning the office or business area, after a long day at work, you better think of hiring office cleaners instead. This is where we can be useful. We specialize in various commercial cleaning projects in the area of Old Bend OR and can serve you anytime you need a janitorial service or deep office cleaning. Our top benefit is that we can provide emergency cleaning when needed. Call Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. if you want a clean business you can be proud of! Continue reading