About Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc.

Hard cleaning on soft surfaces. This sounds like a contradiction in terms but that’s what it takes to be efficient and successful at construction cleanup. Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. can help you make sure your beautiful surfaces aren’t damaged in the post construction cleanup process. This is no easy task but it is one of our specialties.

No cleaning project is too tough or too simple for us. As one of the major cleaning services in Old Bend OR, we offer comprehensive training programs and provide every facility or home with the very best in professional-grade equipment, products and workmanship off course. All cleaners are employees with many years of experience behind their backs, so rest assure your needs will be address in the most appropriate and timely manner possible. Accent Window Cleaning is fully licensed, insured and bonded to ensure that no injury or damage falls back on you. When you call our friendly customer representatives at (541) 382-7231 for any of your cleaning needs, you will feel safe knowing there is a proven brand on your side.

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about Central Window Washing and Janitorial IncWith years of practical experience working on exterior building surfaces, Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. essentially provide you with a team of chemical, safety, engineering and rigging experts to ascertain the best way to remove the nastiest of construction materials from your most delicate building surfaces. Such materials that if not removed properly will certainly damage your newly prized investment. Don’t be caught hiring the street corner “cleaner guy” to save a buck, when truthfully, you are risking your multi-thousand or million dollar investment. We’ve seen it time and time again where a brand new beautiful building has costly damage due to an untrained contractor. Don’t let it happen to you. Let us give you an honest estimate before you decide to use just anybody. Then evaluate the cost vs. benefit so you can make the most informed and balanced decisions for your valued assets.

Our expertise in commercial cleaning is not only a product of years of experience, but also the result of extensive and serious training. Our staff is trained, mentored, and tested in proven, industry-leading techniques. And Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. professionals undergo continuous training on the latest equipment, methods, and products. Our Area Managers closely monitor the work methods and sequence at each location. We continuously strive to be the best at what we do in Bend, realizing that the only opinion that matters is that of our clients.

Our pricing is transparent and shows clearly the cost breakdown.

Regardless of your type of business,Central Window Washing and Janitorial Inc. is the right commercial cleaning company for the job. Other commercial cleaning companies often specialize in cleaning only one type of facility, but it’s our business cleaning companies of all different types and sizes. Our business cleaning service has experience with offices, restaurants, Office buildings, markets/Grocery stores, and Homes. Our team also cleans retail stores, manufacturing plants, government facilities, auto dealerships, restaurants, airports, warehouses, and transportation-based facilities located in Bend.

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